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M37  3/4 Ton Truck


The M37 CDN was in service with the Canadian Army from 1951 until 1977. Its maximum speed was 89 km/hr (55 mph). Over 4500 Canadian versions were produced by Chrysler Canada between 1951 and 1955. The Canadian variant had a larger engine and clutch, and a much more reliable transmission than the US-made trucks.


The Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross is the highest award given for bravery in the British Empire. It was originally established by Queen Victoria on 29 January 1856, but backdated to 1854 in order to recognize acts of valour during the Crimean War. It was first awarded on 26 June 1856, last awarded on 26 February 2015. There have been a total of 1358 of these prestigious medals awarded.


Field Telephones


Field Telephones are phones used for military communications. They replaced flag signals and the telegraph as an efficient means of communications. Ours need to be connected by wires and are operated by turning a crank, which rings a bell at the other end. A button pushed or released on the receiver allows the parties to talk to each other.  By the First World War the use of field telephones was widespread.

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