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Here are some of the things you might expect to see during your visit.


Come join us, and explore our past.

The Northwestern Ontario Military and Police Museum is a non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Canadian military service and sacrifices, and of the police services in Northwestern Ontario. We provide a facility for the pleasure and accommodation of past and present serving members of

Canada's armed forces and Northwestern Ontario police services.  We also offer opportunities for youth to develop an interest in Canada's military history. It is a place of interest for families to visit and spend time together, with interactive opportunities for visitors to explore historical artifacts. Our soon to be erected monument honours both our military and police services past, and is expected to be the focal point of future ceremonies and activities.


The collection was established in 2003, and in 2019, with the incredible support of surrounding communities and individuals, we were able to move into our current building. Our collection continues to grow and we look forward to being able to expand our facility in the coming years.

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